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Tasmanika Rich

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My Story

My teenage sons helped make that decision much easier because this was also the year my one son decided he was going to play football!! Stinky practice pads ....whew what a great time to partner with a company that helps with life's stinky situations. That was a5 years ago, haven't looked back since!!!
This lady has some big goals for 2021. There are a couple of awards that I've had my eyes on but didn't make them a previous priority. They are Annual Mentor and Annual Sales awards. I was told by a good friend that putting your goals out there makes you more likely to achieve them.
We have a lot of stressors in our life lately. I love helping people find solutions to some of these situations.
Now bonus I get paid to keep my house smelling amazing and helping others do the same So my Scentsy obsession began....

❤️'N what I do 

Tasmanika your friendly Independent Scentsy Consultant 


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